Note that only the administrator can add members to a group library.

  1. Go to
    • The Zotero homepage will open
  2. Click Log in in the top right of the homepage
    • Learn more at Log in to Zotero
    • You'll be logged into Zotero
    • The "My Library" tab will be selected automatically
  3. Click the Groups tab
    • The "Zotero Groups" page will open
  4. Click the group to which you want to add members
    • The group's main page will open
  5. Click the Group Settings link below the group title
    • The "Settings" page will open
  6. Click the Members Settings link below the "Settings" title
    • The "Members Settings" page will open
  7. Click the Send More Invitations link below the "Member Invitations" section
    • The "Invite Members" page will open
  8. Enter email addresses or Zotero usernames in the "Invite Members" box
  9. Type a message into the "Personal Message" box
    • This step is optional
  10. Click Invite Members at the bottom of the page
    • Your invitations will be sent