You can add NowComment to any site you administer. If you need to create a UVaCollab site, see the guide to creating sites in the WordPress documentation. Although this page is in the WordPress section of this site, the process is the same. 

  1. Log in to UVaCollab
    • The UVaCollab homepage will open
  2. Click the UVaCollab site to which you want to add NowComment
    • Find site names at the top of your UVaCollab workspace
    • The site homepage will open
  3. Click Site Info in the left sidebar menu
    • The "Site Info" page will open
  4. Click Edit Tools in the navigation toolbar at the top of the page
    • Only site administrators can edit tools
    • A list of available tools will appear 
  5. Check NowComment in the list
    • NowComment will appear in the "Selected tools" column on the right
  6. Click the Continue at the bottom of the page
    • A confirmation page will load
  7. Click Finish
    • NowComment will appear in the left sidebar menu
  8. Click NowComment
    • The NowComment tool will open 
  9. Click Create Bridge to NowComment
    • This action creates a class group in NowComment
    • See Class Group
  10. Click OK
    • A list of documents in the class group will appear
    • If you haven't used NowComment in this class before, the list will be blank