A Header or top bar can be used to contain menus or display your site's title, among many other uses.
  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click Appearance
    • Appearance is located on the left black menu bar
    • The "Appearance" page will open
    • Additional menu items will unfold
  3. Click Header
    • Header is located below Appearance in gray
    • The "Custom Header" page will appear
  4. Locate Select Image
  5. Either:
    1. Click Choose file to upload an image from your computer
    • A file browsing window will appear
    1. Select your file
    • The "Crop Header Image" page will appear
  6. Or:
    1. Click Choose image to select an image from your media library
    • The "Choose a Custom Header" window will open
    1. Click on your chosen image
    2. Click on Set as header
    • The "Crop Header" Image page will appear
  7. Click and drag the illuminated rectangle
    • This rectangle represents your header image
    • The greyed areas around the image will not be displayed
  8. Click Crop and Publish
    • The "Custom Header" page will appear and your cropped image will appear in the view section at the top of the page
  9. If you want to remove the header image: 
    1. Click Remove Header Image
    • The image will disappear from the view
  10. Click Select Color to choose the color of your header text
  11. If you do not want the header text to be displayed: 
    1. Uncheck Show header text with your image
  12. Click Save Changes to save your header
    • A message confirming your update will appear