Before you begin:

  • See the glossary definition of SHIVA
  • You will need a Google account
  • Activate the iframe plugin; see the Activate a Plugin for more information
  • Note: SHIVA imports information from a Google Doc into the table of your choice


  1. Add your table information into a Google Doc spreadsheet
  2.  Click on Share
    • Find it in the upper right corner
  3. Copy the code for your table
  4. Go to SHIVA
  5. Click on Charts
    • Find it at the top of the screen
  6.  Paste the code for your table in the "Data Source URL" box
  7.  Click on the drop-down menu Choose Format
    • Find it at the bottom of the screen
  8. Click on WordPress
  9. Copy the code in the "Embed Code" box
  10. Open the editor of the post or page that you want to display the table
  11. Click on the Text Editor tab
  12. Paste your code
  13. Click Publish