1. Go to NowComment in your UVaCollab site
  2. Click Browse Documents on Now Comment.com  
    • Find this link in the bottom right of the "Documents" box
    • A list of documents in your class group will appear on NowComment.com
  3. Click the Upload Document tab
    • Options for uploading documents will appear
  4. Click Copy-and-Paste from Web Page or Text I'll Write Now
  5. Type the title into the "Document title" field
  6. To share your video with a group, check the box "Add to group?"
    • Note that this checkbox is selected automatically
    • If you don't want to add your document to your class group, uncheck this box
  7. In another tab, go to the website from where you want to add a video
  8. Find the video you want to upload to NowComment
  9. Copy the video's embed code
  10. Return to the "Document Upload" page in  NowComment
  11. Find the content window and click the Link tab
    • Find this tab in the menu bar above the content box
    • A pop-up window will appear
    • The "Link info" tab will be open automatically; if it's not, click this tab
  12. Paste the embed code into the "URL" field
  13. Choose a link type from the "Link Type" drop-down menu
  14. Choose a protocol type from the "Protocol" drop-down menu
  15. Click the target tab
    1. Choose <frame>
  16. Click Ok
    • The pop-up window will close
  17. Click Upload
    • A message will appear displaying that status of the upload
    • The Preview Page will appear
  18. Follow the instructions on the "Preview" page for editing your document
  19. Click Save and Continue
  20. Select features for your document from the “Advanced Features” page
  21. Click Continue
  22. If you added advanced features in step 19, fill in the corresponding fields
  23. Click Finish
    • Your document will appear online