Once you choose a site model, apply it to your site. Sites can be static or blog-based. They can also integrate both pages together.  

Make a Blog Site

Choose a theme and start writing posts. WordPress makes blogs by default. 

Make a Static Site

Before you make your site static, create a page. In the steps below, you'll make this page your homepage, then turn off comments completely. 

  1. Go to your website's Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings
    • Settings is located on the black menu bar on the left-hand side of the page
    • Additional options will unfold below "Settings" 
  3. Click on Reading
    • Reading is located below Settings
    • The "Reading" page will appear
  4. Set "Front page displays" to "static page"
    • Select "static page" by clicking on the adjacent bubble
  5. Select your desired homepage under "Front page"
    • If you do not choose an option under "Post page," the rest of the pages will remain static 
  6. Turn off comments

Use Both Static and Blog Pages

Before you make your site static, create two pages. In the steps below, you'll make one of these pages your homepage, and the other your blog page. Make sure your blog page has no content: you only need the title to generate your blog page. 

Learn more at Static Page and Blog Page.

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click Settings
    • More options will unfold below "Settings"
  3. Click Reading
    • The "Reading" page will open
  4. Check the button next to "A static page"
  5. Select a page to set as your homepage
  6. Select a page to set as your posts page 
    • Make sure this page doesn't include content: WordPress uses only the title to generate the page
  7. Click Save Changes
    • WordPress will confirm your changes


  1. Should this say "Distinguish a Site from a Blog"?

  2. Needs a "for more info" line at the top.

  3. Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Website? Or Transform ...

    By default, a WordPress site's front page is the blog roll. One needs to set a static page as the Home page.

  4. Actually, I think the entire premise is wrong. It's more like "Create a Static Site." If the person wants to make a site, especially if they've read the previous guides, they're not even thinking about blogs with comments. They just want to make a site.