The Artstor Digital Library is an online resource for images in architecture, the arts, humanities, and sciences. If you learn or work at UVA, you can access the university’s exclusive collections. You can then use Artstor images for teaching, class assignments, or research. 

Artstor maintains its own clear and up-to-date help guides. Find these guides at the Artstor Help Wiki

 How can I use Artstor?

Here's an example:

Let's say you're teaching a class on Cubism. You go to the ArtsorDigital Library and find a high-resolution scan of Picasso's Guernica within the collections. Using Artstor, you can project Guernica during lecture, zooming in or out to focus on the painting's details. After your lecture, you can share the scan with your students and continue the discussion. 

 Step-by-Step Guides