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Use Audio-Video to upload, edit, and share audio and video files. Audio-Video is included in the Mandala Suite of Tools.

To learn more about this tool, see the guides below. Like all tools in Mandala, it interacts with the Knowledge Maps tool, which lets you use terms to connect related media. 

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If you have questions about getting started with Mandala or would like to discuss a potential Mandala project, please contact Courtney Floyd, Associate Director of Learning Technologies and Digital Humanities, at  

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Class Collection Walkthrough
Here's a real-life example of Audio-Video in the classroom:

Dr. Jongmin Lee uses Audio-Video to display his student's video theses. 

First, he makes a class collection and adds his students. His students then upload their videos. The workflow function lets him flag submissions for editing. 

This guide walks you through his process. 





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