See the glossary definition of Categories

  1. Activate the Lists Category Posts Plugin
  2. Go to the Posts drop-down menu on your dashboard
  3. Click on Categories
  4. Learn the slug of the desired category
    • The category slugs will be displayed to the right  of the category names 
  5. Create a shortcode for your category:
    • Use this template: [shinto: catlist name=my category] 
    • Change "my category" part of the template to the slug name of your category
  6. Optional: further customize the display of your category
    • Change the number of posts to display by adding to the shortcode: [shinto: catlist name=my category numberposts=4]
    • Have the author name displayed by the post by adding to the shortcode: [shinto: catlist name=my category author=yes]
    • Note: You can add both of these parameters to the shortcode
  7. Create a new page
  8. Title this page with the title of the emphasized category
  9. Click on the Text editing tab
  10. Write in the shortcode here
  11. Click on Publish