1. Go to zotero.org
    • The Zotero homepage will open
  2. Click Log In in the top right of the homepage
    • Learn more at Log in to Zotero
    • The "My Library" tab will be selected automatically
  3. Click the Groups tab
    • The "Zotero Groups" page will open
  4. Click the group for which you want to change member roles
    • The group's main page will open
  5. Click the Group Settings link below the group title
    • The "Settings" page will open
  6. Click the Members Settings link below the "Settings" title
    • The "Members Settings" page will open
  7. Find the member whose role you want to change in the "Current Members" section
  8. Click the Role menu at the end of the member's row
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  9. Choose a new role for the member
  10. Click the Update Roles button below the "Current Members" section
    • A message confirming the update will appear