By default, your site URL is "" You can get a "" address by hosting your site on the UVA domain. If you want a URL independent of UVA, host your site on your own domain

Host Your Site on the UVA Domain 

Learn more at Domain Name.

  1. Go to the external
    • This lets you submit service requests to UVA
    • The self-service home page will open
  2. Click Service request catalog
    • A list of service categories will open
  3. Click Connecting
    • A list of service options will open
  4. Choose Domain Name - Third-Level
    • A request form will open 
  5. Fill out the information in the form 
    • When you reach "Is this request for an existing domain?"  answer "Yes"
    • For "List any existing sites for this domain," enter the URL of your current SHANTI pages site 
  6. Click Add to cart on the right sidebar
    • You'll see a checkout option appear
  7. Click Proceed to checkout
  8. Verify the information, then Checkout to confirm 
    • UVA authorities will review your request before allowing the domain name change
    • You can use to track your request's status 

Host Your Site on Your Own Domain 

See the glossary definition of Domain Name

  1. Buy a domain name
    • You can buy domain names on commercial registrars such as GoDaddy or NameCheap 
  2. Decide on a host name for your site
  3. Contact 
  4. Contact SHANTI support at
    • Tell SHANTI to configure its severs to handle the new domain name
    • Say which "" blog you want the domain name to point to
    • Send the current URL of your blog
    • Send the new hostname you requested from the host master
    • Let SHANTI know whether or not you have contacted the host master yet
  5. Go to your registrar
  6. Change the names of the domain name servers that store information about your site