Roles let you control what users can do within the site. You can assign a specific role to each user.

User Roles

  • Administrator: has access to all the administration features
  • Editor: can publish and manage pages or posts, including content other people created
  • Author: can publish and manage his own pages or posts
  • Contributor: can write and manage his pages or posts without publishing them
  • Subscriber: can read comments, comment on a post, receive newsletters, and more

If you have a SHANTI Pages site, roles are defined in your associated UVaCollab site. You can change the role of a user by adding him to the WP_Author, WP_Editor, and WP_Contributor groups in UVaCollab. Instructors are administrators with author, editor, and contributor capabilities. When you add new users to a site, they automatically become "subscribers."

You can't change privacy settings for media you upload to WordPress. Once a user adds a file to the Media Library, any other user (regardless of role) can use that file. Media is also accessible to anyone in the world with the URL, and can be indexed by search engines.

We know that restricting media access is important to the UVA community. Our engineers are researching solutions.


Step-by-step Guide

This guide shows you how to add users to WP_Author, WP_Editor, or WP_Contributor groups in UVaCollab. This changes their roles on your WordPress site.

To begin, we'll create user groups. If these groups already exist on your site, you can skip steps 3 to 5. 

  1. Go to your UVaCollab site
  2. Click on Site Info
    • The "Site Info" page will appear
  3. Click on Manage Groups
    • A list of your groups will appear
  4. Click Create New Group
  5. Enter your group name
    • The name should be WP_Author, WP_Editor, or WP_Contributor
  6. Add new members:
    • Click on the member you want to add in the "Site Member List"
    • Click on the right-pointing arrow between lists to add the member to the "Group Member List" 
    • The members will be added to the "Group Member List" 
  7. Click Add
    • A list of your groups will appear and the new group will be in this list
  8. Click on the WordPress tool 
    • Your changes will be activated