Before you design and create content for your site, consider the kind of site that fits your needs.

WordPress pages can be static or blog based. Blogs contain posts in reverse chronological order. Blogs often let visitors comment on the posts, and content may be organized with tags or into categories. Static pages don't let viewers modify the content on them with comments. Their content is unchanging. "About" pages are good examples of static pages.

Your website format might include only static pages, a blog, or a combination of both. Thinking about this format will help you choose themes later. 

Choose a static website if:

  • You want to create an informational online resource
  • You want to share academic information with a class
  • You want to advertise a profession or office
  • You do not need to continually change your site
  • SHANTI recommends choosing a website for a class or project

Choose a blog if:

  • You want to give continuous updates on your group’s progress
  • You want a less formal way of displaying information
  • You want to write a day-to-day journal of activities or thoughts
  • You want more flexibility with the layout
  • You want a changing homepage
  • SHANTI recommends choosing a blog to showcase activities that continually evolve or progress

Choose a portfolio if:

  • You want to showcase your photography or artwork
  • You want your site to rely heavily on visual images
  • You want your main page to be static (without changes from outside viewers)






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