1. Go to NowComment in UVaCollab
  2. Open the document
  3. Find the image on which you want to comment
  4. Choose one of the following ways to comment on the image:
    1. To comment on an specific area of the image: Click and drag the pointer to outline an area
    2. To comment on an already outlined area: Double click on the area
    3. To comment on the whole image: Double click anywhere on the image
    • The "Start a new conversation" window will appear
  5. If you're commenting on an area of the image, type a title for your outlined area in the first field
  6. Write your comment in the "Comment" field
  7. Add more commentary in the "Additional thoughts" field
    • This step is optional
  8. Click Start Conversation
    • The button will turn green
    • A message will appear confirming the status of the comment
    • Your comment will appear in the comment section
    • If you commented on an area of the image, a comment balloon will appear in the top right corner of the outlined area