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Confluence (SHANTI Wiki)


UVa maintains its own Confluence server for use by all members of the university community. Anybody interested in creating websites for the purpose of teaching, learning, research and outreach will find this platform ideal for Web-based Collaboration and Knowledge Management.

Confluence simplifies publishing online, while still allowing for powerful, automated features like footnotes, table of contents, labels to aide searching of pages by content, and much more. Common uses include:

  • Collections of documentation
  • Maintain class schedules and timelines
  • Set goals and assign work
  • Develop collaborative outlines
  • Solicit and receive feedback among groups
  • Create and manage organizations

Summary of Wiki Features

Browser-based Editing

  • It's easy to edit and save your changes, instantly publish online via your Internet browser.

Editing with Wiki Markup

  • Edit and design with powerful wiki macro features that quickly make your pages look professional.

Manage Permissions

  • Manage pages and comments by individual and/or group permissions, location in Space Admin.
  • Lock current page version to prevent further edits, location Edit menu > Page Permissions.

Page Version History (Comparison & Restore)

  • All saved edits to pages are archived and listed at the bottom of each page.
  • The differences between versions of the same page are highlighted with the review feature.
  • In a matter of seconds editors can restore an earlier version of a page.

Automated Page Alerts

  • Email or RSS alerts can be sent to admin & users about page edits and comments.

Restore Deleted Pages

  • Change your mind...? Retrieve that old page you deleted from the trash bin located in Space Admin.

Effective Uses of Confluence?

Accessing Confluence Wikis within UVaCollab

You can now add Confluence via your UVaCollab site. Instructions for adding Confluence to a UVaCollab site is in the UVa Knowledge Base's documentation for Confluence below.

NOTE: The terms Wikis & Spaces (and website) are interchangeable regarding Confluence.

Subtopics in Confluence (SHANTI Wiki)

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