1. Go to www.qmediaplayer.com/vex.htm
    • An editor will open, allowing you to write tabs in the VexTab format, or to convert tabs in MusicXML to the Vextab format
  2. Either paste the XML into the lower box, or click on Choose File to load an XML file from your computer
    • The XML will appear in the box
  3. Click on Convert XML
    • The XML will convert to the VexTab format
  4. Set the bars per line, starting bar, and ending bar
  5. Decide whether to show musical notation, rhythm notation, or to draw stems
  6. Copy the XML from the box
  7. Go to Qedit
  8. Click on Content
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  9. Click on Edit Graphic Content
    • The "Edit Content" menu will open
  10. Click on the content entry to which you want to add notation
  11. In the "Settings" row, scroll to the right and click on Send
    • A dialogue box will appear
  12. Paste the VexTab into the dialogue box
  13. Click on Ok
    • Your notation will appear in the content entry