1. Go to www.qmediaplayer.com/vex.htm
    • An editor will open, allowing you to type in tabs in the VexTab format, or to convert MusicXML to the VexTab format
  2. Type in tabs in the VexTab format
    • As you type, the program will display the tabs, with errors listed in red
  3. Click on Get Tabs
    • A dialogue box will appear
  4. Press Ctrl+C in order to copy the notation
  5. Click on Ok
    • The dialogue box will close
  6. Go to Qedit
  7. Click on Content
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  8. Click on Edit Graphic Content
    • The "Edit Content" menu will open
  9. In the "Settings" section of the content you want to include the notation for, click on Send
    • A dialogue box will appear
  10. Paste the notation into the dialogue box
  11. Click on Ok
    • Your notation will appear in the content entry