You can create bibliographies from selected items within collections.

  1. Open Zotero
  2. Click a collection from the left column
    • Items within the collection will appear in the middle column
  3. Either select one item, or press the shift key and select multiple items
  4. Right click the item(s)
    • A menu will open
  5. Click Create Bibliography from Item(s)
    • A dialog box will open
  6. Choose a citation style
  7. Choose to have the information in either "Citations" or "Bibliography" form in the "Output Mode" section
  8. Choose a format in which to save the bibliography in the "Output Method" section
  9. Click OK
    • A dialog box will open
  10. Enter a title and choose a location to save your bibliography to
  11. Click Save
  12. If you chose to print your bibliography, configure your print settings
  13. Click OK