Note that this option is only available for Zotero for Firefox, Standalone, and Chrome. Use this option to have Zotero save all bibliographic information from an online source. Note that many web resources are designed to provide automatic citations to Zotero. These resources include JSTOR, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Google Scholar, and Google Books. These pages all display a similar icon in the URL bar that allows you to quickly save citation data to Zotero.  

  1. Go to the web page that you want to save
  2. Open Zotero
  3. Click the collection to which you want to save the web page
  4. If you're using Firefox:
    1. In the browser toolbar, click the paper icon to the right of the "Z" icon
    • You can hover over this icon to see the "Save to Zotero (Web page)" tooltip
    • A pop-up window confirming the save will open in the bottom right of your browser
    • A snapshot will be saved
  5. To access the snapshot, click the expansion icon next to the item in the middle column
    • The icon is an "arrow" for PCs and Macs
    • A link to the web source will expand
    1. Click the link to go to the web source
      • Information about the item will appear in the right window

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  1. This page needs updates. This works in Standalone and other browsers, as well. You can enable and disable snapshots in actions>preferences>general.