1. Click on the edition containing the documents you want to compare
    • The edition will open in the editor
  2. Scroll down and click on New Comparison
    • The "Create a New Comparison" dialogue box will open
  3. Click on two or more documents that you want to compare
  4. Type in a title for the comparison
  5. Click on Create Comparison
    • The comparison will appear in the "Comparisons in this Edition" section with a grey circle next to it
  6. Next to the title of the comparison, click on Settings
    • The "Settings" dialogue box will open
  7. In "Settings," specify what you want Juxta to collate
  8. Click on OK
    • The dialogue box will close
  9. Click on Collate
    • Arrows will appear, indicating that the collation is in progress, then a green circle will replace the arrows, indicating that the collation is finished
  10. Click on the title to view the collation