1. Go to your site's Dashboard
  2. Click Appearance
    • Additional options will unfold
  3. Click Menus
    • The "Edit Menus" page will appear
  4. Click Create a New Menu
    • A new menu will appear
  5. Type your menu's name in the "Menu" box
    • The "Menu" box is located to the right of the page
  6. Click Create Menu
    • Additional options will appear beneath the menu name
  7. Check your desired pages in the "Pages" box
  8. Click Add to Menu
    • These pages will be added to your new menu below "Menu Structure"
  9. Click and drag each menu item
    • This is the order pages will appear on your menu
    • Dotted rectangles will appear indicating where you can place an item
  10. Choose additional options 
    • Check next to "Auto Add Pages" to add any new pages to the menu automatically in the future
    • Check "Theme locations" to choose the placement of your menu, if your theme supports multiple configurations
  11. Click Save Menu
    • A message will appear indicating the menu has been updated