If you're teaching a class or are forming a study group, we recommend that you use a NowComment group. Groups allow you to upload documents directly to the private group library so that anyone in this group can read and comment on it.. Learn more at nowcomment.com/help/groups. To upload documents to a group, learn more at Add DocumentsTo quickly grade or calculate comments in a class, learn more at Evaluate Comments.

  1. At the top of the page, click Groups
    • Your library and a list of your groups will appear
  2. Click Create group
    • Find "Create group" in the "My Groups" section in the right sidebar
    • The "Add a New Group" page will appear
  3. Enter the group name in the "Name" field
  4. Enter a group description in the "Notes" field
  5. Click Save
    • The group page will open
    • A message will confirm your new group