Before you create a new exhibit, see Map and Image Exhibits to determine whether the exhibit will be map-based or image-based
  1. Open Neatline 
  2. Click on Create an Exhibit
    • The "Create an Exhibit" page will open
  3. Fill in the "Title" field 
    • A potential slug will appear in the "URL Slug" field
  4. Modify the "URL Slug" field if you want to change the slug
    • Note: the slug determines the URL visitors will use to access your exhibit
    • See URL Slug for more information
  5. Enter a longer description of your exhibit in the "Narrative" field
  6. Select the widgets you want to be available to visitors in the "Widgets" field
  7. If you want to create a map-based exhibit:
    • Choose a default map layer under "Default Spatial Layer"
    • To enable multiple selectable map layers: select layers under "Enabled Spatial Layers" 
  8. To use a custom map base layer in a map-based exhibit:
    • Enter the WMS server address in the "WMS Address" field
    • Enter the list of WMS layers in the "WMS Layers" field
    • Note: WMS layer names should be separated by commas
    • See WMS Layer for more information
  9. If you want to create an image-based exhibit:
    • Enter the URL of the image in the "Image Layer" field
    • Enter the number of zoom levels in the "Zoom Levels" field
  10. To make your site publicly available:
    • Check the box in the "Public" field
  11. Click on Save Exhibit
    • A list of exhibits will appear
    • Your exhibit will be created