To create a WordPress site associated with UVA, first create a UVaCollab course or collaboration site. UVa WordPress accounts have more features than the free version of WordPress. 

  1. Go to the UVaCollab homepage at
  2. Click UVa Login 
    • A NetBadge login page will open
  3. Log in with either your UVa computing ID or NetBadge certificate
    • Your UVaCollab workspace will open
  4. Click Worksite Setup
    • Find Worksite Setup on the left side menu 
    • A list of your UVaCollab sites will open
  5. Click New 
    • Find New at the top of the "Worksite Setup" page 
    • The "Site Type" page will open
  6. Choose the type of site you want to create
    • Creating sites from templates is easiest
    • If you are an instructor and want to use WordPress in a course: choose a "course" template 
    • If you want to use WordPress for an organization or for personal use: choose a "collaboration" template
  7. If you chose a "course" template: 
    1. Choose the term for your course 
    2. Click Go to roster selection 
    • A list of courses for which you are the instructor will open
    1. Choose your course 
    2. Click Continue
  8. Enter a title for your site in the "Site Title" field 
  9. Enter a description for your site in the large text box 
  10. Enter a short description for your site in the small text box 
  11. Fill in the other fields to modify your UVaCollab site 
  12. Click Continue
    • Your site email address will open 
    • Your address is made automatically from your site title 
    • Site members receive messages sent to this address 
  13. Click Continue 
    • Your site will appear in the list of your sites