Once you create a UVaCollab site, you can create your WordPress site. You can also add a WordPress site to any UVaCollab site where you are an administrator.

  1. Log in to UVaCollab
    • The UVaCollab homepage will appear 
  2. Open the UVaCollab site where want to add a WordPress site
    • Find site names at the top of your UVaCollab workspace
    • The site will open in the Home tab 
  3. Click Site Info
    • "Site Info" is on the left-hand side menu  
    • The "Site Info" will appear
  4. Click Edit Tools
    • Edit Tools is on the horizontal menu bar below the "Site Info" title
    • Only site administrators can edit tools
    • The "Site Tools" will appear and allow you to activate tools such as "Home" and "Announcements"
  5. Find "WordPress" in the list of tools
  6. Check the box to the left of "WordPress"
  7. Scroll down and click Continue
    • A confirmation page will load
  8. Click Finish
    •  The WordPress tool will now appear on the left sidebar
  9. Click the WordPress tool to activate the site