It is easiest to write VexTab using the Qmedia editor; see the Create Tabs with a Qmedia Editor guide for more information. However, you can also edit tabs offline in a text editor. You will need to add a header data| and you cannot put new lines (LFs) in the Send button's dialogue box, so anytime VexTab wants a new line, use the tile (~) character.

For example, you would not enter this format:



notes 4-5-6b7/3 10/4 | 5-4-2/3 2/2

You would enter this:

data|tabstave~notes 4-5-6b7/3 10/4 | 5-4-2/3 2/2

When you finish writing the notation:

  1. Click on Content
    • A drop-down menu will appear
  2. Click on Edit Graphic Content
    • The "Edit Content" menu will appear
  3. Click on the content entry you want to add notation to
  4. In the "Settings" row, scroll to the right and click on Send
    • A dialogue box will appear
  5. Paste your notation into the dialogue box
  6. Click on Ok
    • Your notation will appear in the content entry