Multi-doc reports make it easy to grade class assignments in NowComment. For example, instructors can create a multi-doc report to show the name of each commenter and calculate the number of comments each commenter made on a document. Learn more about grading in NowComment at Walkthrough for Instructors.

  1. Go to NowComment in UVaCollab
  2. Click Browse Documents on
    • Find this link in the bottom right corner of the page
    • A table of documents in your class group will appear on
  3. Hover over Options in the last column of the table
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  4. Click Multi-Doc Report
    • The "Multi-Doc Report" page will appear
  5. Select the document(s) you want to evaluate
  6. Enter a date range under the "Dates" section
    • You can show all dates by leaving this section blank
  7. Choose how you want to sort the comments under the "Sort order" section
  8. Choose how you want to group the comments under the "Grouping" section
  9. Click Create Report
    • The Multi-Doc Report will appear