Log in to Artstor for full access to the homepage. See Log In On Grounds and Log In Off Grounds to find out more.

Locate the Homepage:

  1. Go to http://library.artstor.org/
    • The Artstor homepage will open
  2. If you are on Grounds, you can use extra features without logging in
  3. If you are off Grounds:

On the main page:

  1. Search for holdings using the Search section
    • Search in "All Collections" to get the most exhaustive results
  2. Explore collections by clicking items in the "Browse" section
    • A list of folders to browse will open

In the top menu bar:

  1. Click History to see recently viewed pages
  2. Click Find to see options for searching Artstor collections
  3. Click Organize to browse image groups
    • Note: see the glossary definition of image group
    • Drop-down "Organize" options will be in gray until you open an image group 
  4. Click Share to make folders and share image groups
    • To create shared image group folders, first get instructor privileges
    • To get URLs and print image groups, an image group must be open
    • You can get image group URLs and print image groups without instructor privileges
  5. Click Display Options to change the way thumbnails are displayed
    • Display options will remain gray on certain pages 
  6. Click Tools to download OIV software and citations for images and image groups
    • Certain options will remain gray until you open image groups or collections
    • See the glossary definition of OIV Software