1. Open InqScribe on your computer
    • If you have not installed InqScribe, see Install InqScribe
    • The main InqScribe window will open
  2. Click on Select Media Source... to choose the media to transcribe
    • Find "Select Media Source..." in the upper left corner of the main window
    • The chosen media will appear at the top of the window
    • See the glossary definition of Media
  3. In the large white text box on the right, type your transcript and insert timecodes
  4. In the gray sidebar on the left:
    • Select your media
    • Press the dark gray buttons to pause, stop, play, rewind, and fast forward the media file
    • Move the "Play Rate" slider to slow down or speed up the media
    • Move the "Volume" slider to increase or decrease the media's volume
    • Move the slider between "L" and "R" to adjust the balance
    • See the glossary definition of Balance
  5. To adjust transcript settings:
    • Click on Transcript Settings in the upper right corner of the main window
    • Adjust the font, size, frame rate, and timecode format of your transcript
  6. To save your transcript:
    • See Obtain a User License to activate saving capabilities
    • Click on File on the top menu bar
      • A drop-down menu will appear
    • Click on Save
      • Your transcript will save