The Qmedia player has five panes. The format of the panes cannot be changed, but they can be turned on and off. One pane shows the media file itself, while the other panes can contain supporting content.

  1. Player Pane
    • Located at the top-left, this pane contains the playable media file, such as a video, simulation, or 3-D walk-through
    • Text, media, and annotations can be timed to appear in this pane
  2. Slide Pane
    • Located at the top-right, this pane can contain supporting content, such as slides from a PowerPoint presentation, photographs, maps, visualizations, interactive web-apps, and websites
  3. Content Pane
    • Located at the bottom-left, this pane can contain a table of contents for the media file
  4. Transcript Pane
    • Located at the bottom-middle, this pane can contain a transcript that is timed to move along with the media file's progress
  5. Info Pane
    • Located at the bottom-right, this pane can contain content to support the media file, similar to the slide pane