1. Log in to Shared Shelf
    • Note: see Log In to Shared Shelf for more information
    • The Project Manager will open
    • A table of records will open in the center of the page
  2. On the left column:
    • Click Project to expand a list of your projects
    • Click on a project name to open the project
    • Click Sets to create and edit subsets of records
    • Click Saved Filter to edit and delete saved filters
  3. At the top of the Project Manager:
    • Perform a search of records with the search bar
    • Click Upload to upload a record
    • Click Viewable Columns to change which fields appear in the table of records
  4. In the Table of Records: 
    • Each row represents a record, each column represents a data field
    • Click a record to select it
    • Hold shift and click to select multiple records
    • Once records are selected, options appear above the list
    • These options let you edit the records, add them to an existing set, add them to a new set, or clear the selection
    • To sort records alphabetically or to apply data filters by field, hover over a column name and click the arrow that appears