NowComment is perfect for student peer review. For example, in John Alexander's courses “Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction” and “Documenting UVa’s Future" students uploaded drafts of their final essays to NowComment. Comments from their classmates helped improve their final submission.

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NowComment lets students discuss and annotate content together. Since it integrates with UVaCollab through the NowComment tool, setting up private class groups is easy. In this guide, we'll show instructors how to add and edit content. 

Collaborative Commenting

Instructors can add content to NowComment for students to discuss. Instructors can also let students add their own documents. 

When instructors add the NowComment tool in UVaCollab, NowComment automatically generates a group for the class. This lets students go to documents through UVaCollab, and keeps all class documents private.

If you're an instructor and you want to add your own content, you should: 

  1. Add the NowComment tool to UVaCollab
  2. Create a bridge between the tool and NowComment
  3. Add your document 
  4. Students can now comment on the document at the paragraph, sentence, or document level


If students need to add their own documents, they should see the make a document page. If they're working in groups, they can also create groups and invite members

Instructors and students can also make class blogs to hold content. 

Comment Management

Instructors can manage comments by editing or removing them

Instructors might need to assess student commenting before they assign participation grade. The multi-doc report function in NowComment makes this easy to do. Learn how to use reports in NowComment


How can I learn more about using NowComment?

This Knowledge Base is a great source of step-by-step guides to using NowComment at UVA. NowComment also hosts its own extensive guides at

Who do I contact if there's a problem with the NowComment tool in UVaCollab? 

The NowComment UVaCollab tool is powered by the Sciences, Humanities and Arts Network of Technological Initiatives. Contact to report bugs – we'll solve the problem as soon as possible. 


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