NowComment is perfect for student peer review. For example, in John Alexander's courses “Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction” and “Documenting UVa’s Future" students uploaded drafts of their final essays to NowComment. Comments from their classmates helped improve their final submission.

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If you're a student, your instructor may give you NowComment assignments. NowComment lets you discuss and edit documents collaboratively. 

Use NowComment through UVaCollab. Just click NowComment on the sidebar of your course's UVaCollab site and follow the instructions. If you don't see NowComment on the sidebar, contact your instructor. 


Don't wait until the last minute to tackle your NowComment assignments. Remember, you have to learn the tool before you begin!

Class Discussion

NowComment in UVaCollab shows links to your class documents. Once you open a link, you can comment on paragraphs, sentences, or the entire document.

If you need to comment on an image, select areas to comment instead of paragraphs or sentences.  

Play around with the settings on the top menubar. They enhance how you engage with the document and comments. 

Peer Editing 

If you want comments on your own essay, upload your file to NowComment through UVaCollab. 

If you want to comment on your classmate's document, the process is the same as any other document. You can also suggest revisions to their work.  


What if I want to use NowComment for independent research or discussions? 

You don't have to use NowComment through UVaCollab – create your own account through

If you want to use NowComment through UVaCollab, first make a collaboration site. Then add NowComment to that site

Where can I learn more about using NowComment? 

Our Knowledge Base helps UVa members use NowComment. NowComment also hosts its own help guides at If you don't see what you're looking for, contact – we're always adding new guides!

What if something isn't working?

Contact to report bugs. We'll fix them as soon as possible.  



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