See the glossary definition of Dashboard for general information about this tool. 

  1. Open your Confluence space
    • The space will open on its homepage, also called the Dashboard
  2.  Locate the list titled "Spaces"
    1. Click on the plus sign next to a category to see the spaces listed within it
  3. Locate the list titled "Favorite Pages"
    1. Navigate to a favorite by clicking on it
  4. Locate the list titled "News"
    1.  If you have blog posts, they will be listed here
  5. Locate the list titled "Activity Stream"
    1. The pages you have recently edited will be listed here
  6. To see only certain kinds of content on the Activity Stream:
    1. Click on Filter
      • A drop-down menu will unfold
    2. Click on the categories of content you want the Activity Stream to show
  7. Locate the Dashboard button on the top menu bar; no matter where you are in the space, click on this button to return to the Dashboard