Gifox works best for Macs. It costs $2.99 in the App Store. To get reimbursed, message Christine Jewell before you buy and cc John Alexander. John will approve the expense. 

Best Practices before Recording 

  • Keep your browser and folders "clean." Hide any unnecessary addons, and make sure any browser windows you open only show the file you want to select.
  • Use generic, descriptive file names and field names: for example, "My_Image.jpg" instead of "13897384njd.jpg," or "This is a description of my image" instead of "Test test test test."
    • Occasionally, specific names can be useful if you're showing off a handy function: for example, "The_Waste_Land_by_Eliot.docx" if you want to show instructors can upload texts for student annotation.
  • Make sure to protect your privacy! Don't accidently screenshot a credit card number.
  • Run through the steps a couple of times before you record. This keeps multiple junk versions from gathering on your computer.
  • Always record the quickest way to accomplish the task. Step-by-step guides often go the long way around, for the sake of educating the reader. Gifs, however, should use any shortcuts possible for the sake of time.
  • Make sure viewers can read text in the gif. Zoom in as far as possible without distorting the page.

Gifs in OS X (with Gifox)


To access the settings:

  1. Open Gifox, then click the Gifox icon in the main menu (looks like an origami fox face)
  2. Click the preferences icon in the bottom right corner (looks like a gear)

Use these settings in the General tab:

    • Launch and Capture fields: all unchecked
    • Record fps: 6.0
    • Playback fps: 12.5
    • Repeat count: ∞
    • Repeat pause, s: 3.0

Use these settings in the Compression tab:

    • Algorithm: Default
    • Mat colours: 134
    • Palette: first frame (global)
    • Dither: Bayer
    • Bayer scale: 3 


  1. Open Gifox and the page you want to record
  2. Click the Gifox icon in the main menu (looks like an origami fox face)
  3. Make sure your settings are correct (see above)
  4. Click the dotted box in the top left corner of the Gifox menu
  5. Drag the bounding box – only content within the box will be recorded
  6. To start recording, press the spacebar on your keyboard
  7. To stop recording, press the Gifox icon again (it will have turned into a recording button) – your gif will load in the Gifox menu
  8. Click on the new gif to view it

Gifs in Windows

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