Find Your Site Outside of UVaCollab

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with NetBadge or your computing id
    • "Shanti Pages" will open 
  3. Click My Sites in the top menu
    • A list of your sites will open 
  4. Find your site's name on the page
    • This name matches the UVaCollab course site associated with your WordPress site
    • From this page, you can go to your site or the site's editor
  5. Click Visit beneath your site's name
    • Your site will open 
    • Copy the URL in your browser's navigation bar to link visitors to your site 
    • Learn how to change its URL

Find Your Site Within UVaCollab


We strongly recommend accessing your site from outside UVaCollab. If you need help doing this, see the steps above. 

  1. Log in to UVaCollab
    • Your UVaCollab "Workspace" will appear
  2. Click on the UVaCollab site from which you want to access WordPress 
    • Find the UVaCollab site at the top of the page
    • The site homepage will appear
  3. Click on the WordPress tool
    • Find the tool in the menu on the left 
    • Your WordPress site will appear