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Welcome to the UVa Knowledge Base! Our guides help you learn tools hosted by SHANTI at the University of Virginia. 

Our Tool Guides

Here are some tasks people need to accomplish most often:

Artstor Digital Library

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The ARTstor Digital Library is an online database of images in architecture, the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Blackboard Collaborate

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Blackboard Collaborate facilitates live online meetings. Participants meet in real time via audio and video sessions.

Confluence Wiki

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Confluence is a feature-rich wiki for rapid and collaborative website creation. It is integrated into UVaCollab as a tool that can be used for any course or collaboration site.

InqScribe Transcription Software

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InqScribe is a simple tool for transcribing digital audio and video. Users can transcribe and take notes on audio and video media, then export and share these transcripts.

Kaltura Audio-Video System

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Kaltura is an open-source media platform that allows users to upload, host and edit their own videos & more. The University of Virginia provides various options for using Kaltura.

Mandala Suite of Tools  

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Mandala comprises a suite of digital tools that are used for storing, organizing, and publishing collections of scholarly media, media which then can be interrelated and cataloged using Knowledge Maps.

NowComment Text Commenting

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Using NowComment, authors can draft or upload text and invite others to comment and collaborate.

Qmedia Interactive Presentations

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QMedia provides tools that allow users to create interactive videos. It has two main parts: a player, which the viewer uses to interact with the media, and Qedit, which allows the author to create the project.


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SHIVA  is an online application that makes it easy to produce interactive visualizations. Visualizations include charts, maps, images, timelines, video, and networks. 


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WordPress lets users create websites, blogs, and online portfolios without programming experience. UVa maintains its own WordPress server called SHANTI Pages, which is available for free to the university community.

Zotero Bibliographical System

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Zotero is a type of tool that helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. You can form groups to share citations and notes. Faculty and graduate students who want to keep their citations organized and their bibliographies in sync with others, will find this tool particularly useful. 


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