Zotero can import citations from EndNote. See the glossary definition of EndNote.

  1. Open EndNote
  2. Hover over the Format tab
    • A menu will appear beneath it
  3. Click Export References
  4. Click References
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  5. Choose a reference to export
  6. Click Export Style
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  7. From the list of output styles, choose RefMan (RIS)
    • Note: if you do not see RIS as an option, you’ll need to download the style from the EndNote site. It could also be that the style is not enabled. You may have to go open the Output Styles Manager from the Edit menu, enable RIS, then close the manager before it's an option.
  8. Click Save
  9. Open Zotero
  10.  Click the gear icon above the left window
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  11. Click Import
    • A dialog box showing the files on your computer will appear
  12.  Locate the RIS file you exported from EndNote
  13.  Click Open
    •  Your references will be imported into Zotero as its own collection
  14. Move the exported file into the collection of your choice by dragging and dropping it

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  1. This feature needs to be tested. I tried setting up an EndNote account but it was taking a long time.