1. Create a new page, or open a page for which you want to replace the content
  2. Click on Tools
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  3. Click on Import Word Document
    • The "Import Word Document: Upload" page will open
  4. Click on Choose File
    • A dialogue box listing all the files on your computer will open
  5. Choose a Word file (either .doc or .docx)
  6. Click on Next
    • The "Import Word Document: Configuration" page will open
  7. Type in a title
  8. Choose whether this import will replace an existing page or create a new page 
  9. Choose a solution if the new page has the same title as an existing page (every page must have a unique title in Confluence)
  10. If the document contains heading styles, choose whether to split it according to headings
  11. Click on Import
    • The page will open, showing its imported content