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Kaltura - UVa's AV Solution


UVa has built a comprehensive suite of solutions for audio-video management based upon the Kaltura video platform. Kaltura supports collaborative editing and management of video, audio and other media for the Web. With Kaltura, users can easily upload, share, and edit video individually or in groups and collaboratively manage a wide range of digital media projects. Think of it as YouTube with academic enhancements.

What Are UVa's Kaltura Solutions for Audio-Video?

UVa offers three Kaltura-based solutions for members of the UVa community:

  1. Integrated within UVaCollab as the Kaltura Media Gallery.
  2. A more advanced application including transcription capacity called the UVa Mediabase
  3. A standalone online application only for very advanced users with specific technical needs called the Kaltura Management Console (KMC)

In general, those mainly interested in using Kaltura as a tool for sharing video and other media within courses or in collaboration with other members of the UVa community are encouraged to explore the Kaltura Media Gallery within UVaCollab. It is easy to add to a UVaCollab site, and easy to use. However, at present the metadata - the descriptive fields for cataloging audio-video - is limited and transcription is functionally absent.

More advanced users who have significant collections of audio-video, intend to publish websites with those recordings, need more advanced metadata capacities, require better collection building tools, and/or want to utilize transcriptions should instead consider using the UVa Mediabase. The UVa Mediabase will be available for beta users by early 2014.

The Kaltura Management Console is only relevant in very specific cases for users with advanced technical knowledge who have unusual requirements. SHANTI staff can discuss this option with interested parties of organizational units.

Below you will find information on getting started with all three options.

NOTE: The UVaCollab option is not connected to the other two. Media uploaded to or created within a KMC or UVa Media Base account will not automatically be accessible for use through one’s UVaCollab account, and vice versa. We hope this will be addressed in the future.

Who Might Be Interested in Kaltura and Why?


  • Easily upload and share any digital video/audio with your students within the protected environment of a UVaCollab course site.
  • Allow students to collaborate on the creation of rich media collections of video, audio and images.
  • Collaborate with your students by editing, or mixing video together online, in real time.

Researchers, Collaborators, and Student Groups

  • Share independently collected media on topics of interest and collaborate on research collections and projects.
  • Build dynamic collections of media that can be categorized, sorted and filtered based upon categories that you create.
  • Easily embed video and other media collections into a project blog or other website. Kaltura currently supports plugins for both the WordPress blog and website creation tool (SHANTI Pages) and the Drupal Content Management System.

How Do I Get Kaltura?

Members of the UVa community interested in using the UVa Mediabase should contact to discuss becoming a beta tester.

Members of the UVa community interested in using the Kaltura Management Console may request the appropriate account by emailing .

For instructions on turning on the Kaltura Media Gallery in UVaCollab, click here.

How Do I Learn to Use a Kaltura-based Solution?

UVaCollab Kaltura Guide

Kaltura Management Console Guide

Subtopics in Kaltura - UVa's AV Solution

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