Kaltura is an open-source media platform that allows users to upload, host, and edit their own videos (though other media may also be hosted). The University of Virginia provides two options for using Kaltura: the Kaltura Media Gallery, which allows the university community to use Kaltura in UVaCollab sites or the Mandala Suite of Tools , which allows users to integrate Kaltura videos with other SHANTI tools. 

Step-by-Step Guides

Choose a Platform
Before you begin, choose whether you want to host your videos through the Kaltura Media Gallery in UVaCollab, or through the Audio-Video tool in Mandala. Each tool has its own advantages.

Use the Kaltura Media Gallery in UVaCollab if...

*You want to share videos or other media within a course
*You want to share videos or other media with the UVa community
*You do not require transcription or advanced metadata capabilities 

Use the UVa Audio-Video tool if... 

*You have large collections of audio and/or video 
*You need to publish websites with these collections 
*You need advanced metadata capabilities 
*You need to add transcripts to video
Start Kaltura in Audio-Video
Go to the Audio-Video guide within the Mandala section of this site. 

For questions about KBase documentation, please contact shanti@virginia.edu.


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