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NowComment® is a web-based tool that facilitates discussions, commenting on and annotation of digital text. Using NowComment, groups can have focused conversations about particular paragraphs and even specific sentences in a document. Analyze, brainstorm, debate, and otherwise engage with whatever documents merit your group's close scrutiny and critical thinking. Using NowComment, authors may draft or upload text and invite others to comment or collaborate. However, unlike other collaborative editors such as Google Docs, or the "Track Changes" feature in Word, NowComment allows for both collaboration and annotation while remaining uncluttered, so the focus is always on the dialogue.

Who Can Benefit from Using NowComment?


  • Carry out virtual seminars with free-ranging discussion of critical texts.
  • Provide students with organized and directed comments on their work.
  • Create collaborative assignments based upon close readings and commentary.


  • Give various authors editing permissions over specific parts of text.
  • Embed dialogue and discussion directly into the writing process rather than through disjointed drafts encompassed in multiple files.

How Do I Access NowComment?

Please find documentation for accessing NowComment:

Or, if you would prefer to consult with someone in advance, contact .

How Do I Use NowComment?

An extensive set of text-based instructions and screencasts on how to use NowComment are available at Also see:

Or, follow along with our NowComment Tutorial.

Where Can I See Effective Uses of NowComment?

To see examples of NowComment in use, visit the NowComment Public Documents at

Subtopics in NowComment

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