A page is the smallest unit of Confluence. When you create a guide for the Knowledge Base, you're assembling a series of pages. We've developed page types (categories or taxonomies of pages) to target specific user needs. Each page type plays a unique role in helping users learn our applications. 

Page TypePurpose
Glossary definitionDefines a word in the application guide.
Step-by-step guideGuides users through a quick, granular task within the application.
Orientation guideProvides non-linear information users need to understand an application.
TutorialGuides users through longer, more involved or advanced tasks within an application.
Branch pageGroups together pages under one broader section.
Landing pagePresents the application and the content of the application guide.
App Companion 


Check out our content model guide to see how these page types work together. The links in the first column above provide more in-depth information about each page type. 

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