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Qmedia enables users to create interactive video presentations. Qmedia is HTML5-based, open-source, and available for educational uses. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, HTML5 video, and 3D animations and simulations. Qmedia was developed at the Curry School of Education and built by Emmy award winning video product designers at SHANTI. Find Qmedia's homepage here:

Qmedia has two main parts: a player, which shows the project, and Qedit, which allows the author to create the project.

The player has five panes, one of which shows the media file. The rest of the panes can show helpful sources that are timed to appear during certain parts of the media file, such as quizzes, maps, photographs, web sites, visualizations, and more. Panes can be turned on and off.

Additionally, Qmedia makes it easy for users to search the media file and to skip to different parts of it. A project can include a table of contents, searchable transcripts, and concept maps to help viewers navigate.

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