Sharing and Downloading Media from within Kaltura for UVaCollab

It is currently possible for certain users within UVaCollab sites to share and download media from within the Kaltura Media Gallery to external websites. Typically, this is done by obtaining the embed code for specific media items and copying and pasting this code into the software being used to create or manage the website (see here for one example of this process). If a user has proper permission within the UVaCollab site, buttons to obtain an embed code and to download the content will appear below the media item in either the Site Library or the Collections view.


For UVaCollab course sites, the buttons for downloading and obtaining an embed code are revealed to Instructors and Teaching Assistants. For collaboration sites, the embed code is revealed for site Owners, Administrators, and Members. Observers cannot obtain embed codes.

If you are an instructor and have uploaded a video that you have not given them permission to download and have clicked over to "Student View" it will still look like they have the ability to download the video.  Do not worry though, even though you're in "Student View", you are still the owner of the video.  Since you are the owner, you will see the download button.  If you look at the site from an account that is assigned the student role, the download button will not appear.