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Mandala Texts is an online tool for reading, sharing, and creating essays and books. You can find it at, and access the editor using your NetBadge account.

You can use Texts for publishing text online. If you have scans of primary sources, use Mandala Images instead.

Texts offer:

  • beautiful reading experiences
  • scholarly metadata
  • text analysis using Voyant
  • full-text search
  • section-level markup and metadata -- mark sections published by different authors, in different years, and more.

Since Texts is part of the Mandala Suite, you can use Knowledge Maps to link texts to other types of content. Knowledge Maps let you build controlled vocabularies and term ontologies. You can use Knowledge Map terms to label your text or sections. Your text joins other assets tagged with the same KMap. This creates rich "encyclopedia-like" resources. Learn more about Subjects, Places, and Terms in Mandala.

To get started making a text, log in to the website using your NetBadge account. Every text should belong to a collection, so make a collection first. Collections let you group related texts. They also let you restrict access to certain people, called collection members. Once you've made your collection, you can start adding texts. You'll build texts in Mandala section by section, starting with the title page. By adding lower-level sections to higher-level section, you can build tables of content.

Contact Us

If you have questions about getting started with Mandala or would like to discuss a potential Mandala project, please contact Courtney Floyd, Associate Director of Learning Technologies and Digital Humanities, at  

Create Texts
Before you make a text, you should have a collection to put it in. You build texts by creating a main page, then adding section pages to that page. Any new pages can have their own subsections – check out the guide to a text's structure for details. Learn more about making texts with the guides below. 

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