You can add Media Gallery items in Announcements, Assignments, Forums, Lessons, Site Information, or Tests & Quizzes.

  1. Go to your UVaCollab course site
  2. Click on the tool in which you want to add a Media Gallery item
    • Find tools on the left sidebar
  3. Open the text editor within the tool
    • Note: Instructions will vary according to the tool
    • Note: click Help on the course site sidebar to learn how to use UVaCollab tools
  4. In the editor, click on where you want to insert your item
    • A blinking cursor will appear where you clicked
  5. Click on the Media Gallery icon
    • The Media Gallery icon looks like a colorful firework
    • A window will appear with previously uploaded Media Gallery items
  6. Click on the thumbnail for the media item you want to add
    • The media item will insert into the text editor