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Mediabase is a robust infrastructure for the creation of audio-video collections - metadata, editing, compression, classification into collections, browsing and searching, including rich annotated and timecoded transcripts.It uses Kaltura technologies, PB-core metadata standard, and Drupal.  This will be a single web site used by all UVa people for the creation and management of their audio-video collections. In addition, the site will be a destination for end users to explore the various “channels”, “programs”, and “collections” of UVa content, whether public, limited to UVa, or private for authenticated and authorized users.


One of the key differences between the UVa Mediabase and the other available Kaltura-based systems in use at UVa (UVaCollab Media Gallery and Kaltura Management Console) is the ability to easily attach rich metadata to media items. Using a combination of the PB Core metadata schema for video and SHANTI Knowledge Maps, the UVa Mediabase allows scholars to fully customize important metadata subject fields while also taking advantage of the most widely used metadata standard for basic and technical information. Moreover, data entry is simplified through basic and advanced entry forms to accommodate both light and heavy metadata needs. Once uploaded and cataloged faceted browsing searching is made possible within the system through the Solr search platform.

Collection Management

There is no limit to the number of items that users may upload to the UVa Mediabase. Access to media items for cataloging and transcription work (if the latter is a requirement) is organized through the construction of Projects. Collections of objects intended for public consumption are organized through the creation of Teams.

Mediabase Preview Screenshots