Group administrators can:

  • create a group
  • add and remove group members
  • make group members co-administrators
  • organize group members into additional groups
  • upload documents
  • manage their own documents
  • comment on documents 

Group administrators cannot:

  • manage other members' documents

Group members can:

  • upload documents
  • comment on documents
  • create their own groups

Group members cannot:

  • manage the group

Document owners can:

  • invite people
  • manage the document
  • comment
  • append content
  • edit text in the document
  • edit comments
  • read commenters’ private replies
  • accept revision suggestions

Commenters can:

  • comment
  • privately reply to comments
  • edit their own comments
  • delete their own comments
  • invite people to a public document
  • suggest revisions with the document owner's permission
  • append content with the document owner's permission

Commenters cannot:

  • invite people to a private document
  • append content to a document without the document owner's permission
  • suggest a revision without the owner’s permission
  • delete others' comments
  • read others' private replies



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