Use this guide to upload Kaltura videos from UVaCollab into Qmedia. For more information on uploading Kaltura videos into UVaCollab, see the Kaltura step-by-step guides.

  1. Open the site in UVaCollab that has the video you want to upload
  2. Click on the Kaltura Media Gallery tab
    • The "Site Library" page will open, showing all videos in the site
  3. Choose the video you want to use in Qmedia
  4. Click on Edit Details
  5. Set the video as "World Readable" to allow all users to see the video
  6. Select Embed Code
    • The embed code will appear below
  7. Copy the entire embed code
  8. Go to the Qmedia project you want to add the video to
  9. Click on Settings
    • An editor will open, allowing you to change settings
  10. In the "Player" section's "Media Source" box, paste the embed code
  11. Click on Save
    • The video will appear in the player window